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Flowers, whether artificial or natural, are universally loved and are there at our beginning our middle and our end. That is to say that at your birth there will be bouquets sent from family and friends to pass on their congratulations and at your marriage there will be flowers galore and finally, even in death there will be flowers in remembrance of a life.

Nobody can fail to be bowled over when walking through an English wood or forest in Spring and stumbling across a blanket of Bluebells or a great swathe of crocuses and we can remind ourselves of the joy of flowers at all times with some of these fabulously crafted artificial flowers found on these pages.

Sometimes these are called fake flowers but in view of their beauty and delicacy they should just be seen as an excellent alternative to fresh cut flowers that sadly last a very short time especially in modern air-conditioned or heated homes and offices.

For most of us city dwellers with no garden the alternative of window ledge wooden boxes with a selection of bright and cheerful silk flowers can add colour and style to an otherwise dull space.

As a permanent table centrepiece and as other individual vase displays around the house or apartment they add an attractive splash of colour that can remind us on cold winter days of those spring strolls through the woods where those first fresh flowers appear.

Perhaps more than anywhere these artificial flowers have become an essential part of any wedding today.